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Alliance Elemech

Product Name : ETO Sterilizer
Brand Name : Alliance Elemech
Website : Click Here to go to Product Page
Company : Alliance Elemech
Country : India


We are passionately engrossed in manufacturing and supplying a broad range of Autoclave and ETO Sterilizer. These products are highly demanded for their best performance and long lasting nature. Offered product range includes finest quality ETO Sterilizer, ETO Cartridges and Autoclave Sterilizer.


  • Cost of 100% E.O. Cartridges.
  • Cost for operating a single Ethylene Oxide Gas St


    Machine: Fully Automatic

    • One Touch operation makes operator expertise & dependence unessential.
    • Chamber made of stainless steel with trolley for easy material handling.
    • A unit dose cartridge of ethylene oxide is punctured automatically inside the chamber with a unique puncturing mechanism.
    • The lights on the front panel of the sterilizer show cycle status and various operations.
    • Chamber size can be made as per specific requirement of customer.
    • The electrically operated vacuum pump does not consume precious and expensive compressed air.
    • Hot and Cold sterilization cycles with possibility to set the temperature independently.
    • Wide choice of sizes with particular emphasis of use & application of customer.


    • The cycle operates in vacuum and hence is safer to operate, as there is minimum chance of leakage.
    • The electronic design provides accuracy of operation, dependability and repeatability.
    • The sterilizer can aerate items after sterilization.  The sterilization-aeration process can be continuous in one chamber and hereby eliminate gas exposure during load transfers to aerators.
    • After the sterilization cycle, the chamber is purged or aerated continuously until the door is opened.  This prevents a buildup of ethylene oxide from items aerating in the chamber.


    • The actual volume is more than that of the Standard sterilizer, although the machine is compact in size.
    • The use of 'VALVE' makes the operation of the cycle very easy.
    • Ethylene Oxide Gas cartridges contain calculated quantity of EO 100%, which ensures the right concentration of EO to achieve Sterility.
    • Pure EO cartridges are very handy, easy to carry, store and to use.
    • As the cartridges are of single use type with fixed gas concentration in relation to chamber, over exposure which leads to higher residual level of EO gas in the sterilized products, and under exposure which leads to non-sterility are ruled off.
    • No more cylinder deposits.
    • 7No more hassles of cylinder transportation, EO cartridges are very light and can even be dispatched at a very short notice.
    • Operational Safety:- As the entire sterilization cycle operates under negative pressure (under Vacuum), possibilities of gas leakage / exposure to EO gas (as in the case of cylinder models) is almost nil.
    • A Vacuum cycle helps in an overall better performance of the machine and is very ideal for operational safety.



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